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Est. 2023​

We're not your average talent agency; we're the ​glitter in the influencer galaxy, a family-owned ​battalion of vibe curators and trendsetters, based in ​the heart of the eclectic and ever-sunny California.

Our story

AltElite began with a dream – a vision of a space ​where creativity isn’t just celebrated, but launched ​into the stratosphere. We’re not just about ​managing talent; we’re here to mentor, educate, ​and help content creators like you grow and ​dominate your brand.

Our mission? To take your killer content and ​crown it queen. To amplify your voice until it ​echoes through the internet’s most coveted ​spaces. We’re all about standing out, living out ​loud in technicolor, and adding a touch of magic ​to everything we do.

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The Heart & Soul Behind Alt-Elite: ​Roxy Tart, Founder & CEO

Strutting straight from the glitz of Hollywood's red carpets to ​the bold digital frontiers, Roxy is the original influencer who's ​been slaying the game since before hashtags were cool. With a ​past life that's as dazzling as her present – from striking poses ​as a pro model to spilling the hottest tea as an entertainment ​journalist – she's the big sis and mentor who's walked the walk.

She's vibed with the crème de la crème, from oVertone to ​Universal Pictures, and knows what it takes to shine online and ​off. As the fab founder of Alt-Elite, Roxy leads with a sparkly ​whip – think fast-paced, creative, fun, and as thrilling as a VIP ​backstage pass. She's the mentor who'll guide you to your glow-​up and the friend who'll cheer the loudest when you nab that ​spotlight. Trust her? Darling, with a rep as the go-to gal for ​glitz, glitter, and genuine influence, she's the fairy godmother of ​glam – transforming hidden gems into dazzling stars.

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We’re a family-owned and operated beacon of ​brilliance in the influencer universe! Each member of ​our tight-knit squad brings their own brand of magic ​to the mix, crafting a homegrown haven where ​creativity meets strategy. From the strategic smarts ​of our business brains to the creative chops of our ​influencer gurus, we're not just a team – we’re a ​family. A round-table of rule breakers and ​trendsetters, turning the influencer world upside ​down, one fabulous campaign at a time. We don’t just ​follow trends, darling – we set them.

Why Alt-Elite

Glamour with Grit: Elevating the Eccentric to Iconic

In the sparkly world of influence, we’re the neon sign that doesn’t just shine; we dazzle with difference. Alt-Elite is on a mission to flip the script in influencer culture. We’re not just about fitting into the box — we’re about tearing it open, bedazzling it, and wearing it as a crown.

We champion the bold, the brave, the beautifully bizarre. The ones who color outside the lines with the brightest crayons in the box. From the street-style sorcerers to the couture conjurers, we’re here to amplify voices that echo in the alleyways of alternative and resound on the runways of radical.

Our mission? To bridge the badass gap between alt-culture influencers and both edgy brands and mainstream mavens. We’re building a sanctuary where authenticity isn’t just celebrated; it’s catapulted into campaigns that change the game. Because in a world where fitting in is a faux pas, we believe in standing out so much that the mainstream can’t look away.

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Alt-Elite is where the ​underrepresented become the ​undeniable. Where the overlooked ​get overbooked. It’s not just ​about influence; it’s about impact. ​The kind that leaves a mark as ​indelible as the ink on our skin ​and as luminous as our ​highlighter. Buckle up, babes, ​because we’re not just setting the ​trends; we’re resetting the whole ​damn table.

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we welcome people of all colors, genders, and beliefs.

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