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Are you scouting for new talent to join the influencer ​squad?

Heck yeah, we're always on the lookout for fresh faces with ​that killer vibe! If you've got a banging social media following ​and your DMs are overflowing with brand love, then, babe, we ​should chat. We're talking to you—the ones who are juggling ​brand deals like it's the last dance and wondering how to ​squeeze every juicy dollar out of those opportunities. At ​AltElite, we're here to take that load off your shoulders and ​pump up those deals to max volume. Ready to level up? Let's ​make some magic happen together.

How do I vibe check if I'm legit ready for a manager, or ​just dreaming about one?

Oh, honey, let's get real for a sec. Dreaming of having a ​manager to handle your biz is one thing, but being truly ready ​for one? That's where the real talk happens. You're in the zone ​for a manager when:

  • Brands are sliding into your DMs with collabs that make ​your heart skip a beat.
  • Your inbox is a wild party of partnership requests, and ​you're the guest of honor who's a tad overwhelmed.
  • The thought of handling another brand deal makes you ​wanna cry into your cocktail because it's eating into your ​sacred content creation and chill time.
  • You're not expecting a fairy godmanager to wave a magic ​wand over your content strategy or spoon-feed you ideas.

If that sounds like your current gig, then, babe, you're not just ​wanting a manager—you're screaming for one. We're here to ​catch those balls you're dropping and shoot them into the ​stratosphere. Ready to rock this without holding back? Let's ​dive in.

Why's there a retainer fee for this influencer ​manager magic?

Okay, so here's the scoop on the retainer sitch. Think of it as ​your VIP pass to the influencer high life. It's not just about me ​keeping the lights on; it's about investing in your glow-up. ​Here’s what your golden ticket gets you:

  • Me, hustling hard in the background, tapping into my epic ​network, making those introductions that have your name ​sparkling brighter than a disco ball.
  • Strategy sessions where we plot world domination (or, ​y'know, your next big brand pitch). We're talking ​leveraging relationships and pitching like we're born to ​win.
  • Me, in your corner, negotiating like a boss to get you the ​cash you deserve. We're aiming high, baby.
  • Random brainwaves from yours truly—because my brain’s ​always cooking up something that might just be your next ​big break.

This retainer? It's me, putting in those hours, rooting for you, ​and keeping your brand not just in the game but leading the ​pack. We’re in this together, and while I’m here making moves ​to boost your brand, remember, your success is my success. ​We're talking about laying down the groundwork in the first ​90 days that's more than just a facelift; it's a full-on brand ​evolution. So, yeah, the retainer is your all-access pass to ​having me, your business-savvy partner, elevating you and your ​brand to star status. Let's make it rain, together.

What's the deal with the retainer fee once I start ​raking in the big bucks?

Here's where it gets really sweet, my friend. Once you're ​pulling in $10k a month or more from those juicy brand deals, ​consider that retainer fee ancient history. Poof! Gone. Why? ​Because at that stage, we're in the groove, baby. We've hit our ​stride, fine-tuned our strategy, and you're slaying the game ​left and right. That's the milestone where I step back and ​watch you shine, knowing we've set everything up for success. ​It's all about hitting that sweet spot where things are ​humming along perfectly, and when we get there, I'm all ​about celebrating your success without the retainer holding us ​down. Let's aim for those stars and make it happen!

Can you promise me those sweet brand ​ambassadorships/partnerships?

Straight talk? No can do on the guarantees, superstar. The ​world of brand deals is like a wild party—unpredictable and ​full of surprises. I don't have a magic crystal ball to control ​who wants to collab with you, when they'll hit you up, or how ​fat the check will be.

But here's what I can promise you: I'll chase down every lead ​like it's the last piece of pizza at 2 AM. I'll hype you up to the ​moon and back, showcasing your awesomeness to everyone in ​my network and beyond. Think of me as your personal hype ​woman, always in your corner, ready to pitch you and your ​brand to the world. So, while I can't guarantee a win every ​time, I can guarantee you'll have me fighting tooth and nail to ​get you those opportunities. Let's make some noise and turn ​those maybes into money, together!

Elevate Your Influence with ​Alt-Elite

Didn't find the golden nugget you were looking for? Or maybe you're just buzzing with ​excitement and ready to join the AltElite fam? We totally get it. This influencer ride is ​wild, and whether you're here to make your mark or just need a bit more clarity, we're ​all ears and ready to chat. Slide into our DMs, hit us up via email, or send a carrier ​pigeon (okay, maybe not the pigeon). Whatever floats your boat, we're here for it. Let's ​start this convo and see where this dazzling journey can take us together. Don't be shy; ​your next big break could start with a simple "hello" to us. Let's make those influencer ​dreams a reality, together.

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